Mixed Signal IC Design Services

KLIC - Making the Tough Jobs Easy

The best way to achieve high performance and low cost is through integration. High performance can mean many things - more speed, more sensitivity, higher reliability, or improved functionality. Integration can mean low cost through lower piece price, less board space, lower power, better turn-on yield, or easier and more complete testing.

KLIC specializes in the tough jobs - combining analog and digital techniques on common IC processes to produce robust, testable components on time and within budget. KLIC will start with your system needs and determine the combination of processes and design techniques that will maximize your success. Using linux-based tools , KLIC will design the layouts, documents, and test fixtures necessary to bring your IC to life. KLIC will help you select the silicon vendors most suited to your way of doing business. KLIC will help you get your IC working in your product - with a complete measurement lab, KLIC can help debug the entire product, not just the chip.

KLIC designs built-in self test and IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan into the IC itself. You may be able to test your IC with nothing more than a simple fixture, a power supply, and the parallel port of your PC. As JTAG serial scan test gains acceptance, you can extend this IEEE standard test bus to your entire product. Testable designs can minimize time to production, maximize product yield, and help you avoid expensive testers.

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