Keith Lofstrom

Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Designer

Statistical Behavior of Transistors
Silicon Identification Technology
High Speed and Precision Analog
JTAG/1149.1 and 1149.4 Scan Test
CMOS and Bipolar
Design and Simulation
Layout and Verification
Test and Characterization

Keith Lofstrom has over 30 years of experience in IC design. A strong circuit designer with good mathematical and analytical skills, he has experience in layout, test, and programming. Current computer tools run on Linux. He designs with ORCAD, SmartSpice, Tanner LEDIT, and Icarus Verilog. He writes about open source software, leads the Dirvish disk-to-disk backup project, and has a Linux Professional Institute Level 1 certification.


Chief Technology Officer, SiidTech, Hillsboro, OR (1998-present) Invention uniquely identifies ICs. Paper at ISSCC 2000.
Consultant, Apria, Beaverton, OR (2006-2007) high speed SiGe pin driver.
Consultant, Steridian, Vancouver, WA (2005-2006) high speed CMOS LCOS display chip.
Consultant, Sarif, Vancouver, WA (1999-2003) LCD displays (polysilicon on glass) for computer projectors.
Consultant, Teradyne, Agoura Hills, CA (1997-1998) High speed bipolar chip for semiconductor test system, with Analog Devices.
Consultant, QSI, Beaverton, OR (1995-1998) CMOS sound chip, amplifier, DACs, DSP.
IEEE 1149.4 Mixed Signal Scan Test W.G. (1994-present) Principal contributor, test chip designer, award-winning paper at ITC.
Consultant, I-Cube Design Systems, Santa Clara, CA (1991-1996) CMOS crossbar switches, with fast I/O and JTAG interface.
Consultant, ONO SENDAI, San Francisco CA (1993) CMOS nanovolt-sensitivity fluxgate driver and digitizer. Spec to silicon in 14 weeks.
TEKTRONIX, Beaverton, OR (1972-1990) A-D converters, MOS mixed-analog-digital LSI, ECL processors.

Many other projects, some currently under nondisclosure. Keith Lofstrom eschews patent and government work.


University of California, Berkeley: BSEE, MSEE Superconducting Logic 1973-75
Oregon State University: E.E. & C.S., 1971-73.
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