Any Semiconductor Fab

KLIC is not tied to a particular fab, like most design houses. That means we can shop around, and find the fab with the right process, pricing, and business model to work with you. KLIC has CMOS cell sets in 1.5 micron through 130 nanometers, and can accommodate most vendors.

The price of your IC is a combination of front end costs, such as KLIC design costs and fab NRE (Non-Recurring Expense) Costs, as well as production costs, such as wafer fabrication, package assembly, and testing.

Some organizations such as the MOSIS service offer low cost prototyping services, with low NRE but relatively high production costs. Although more expensive in total, these services are good for projects where early "proof of concept" is important.

There are many gate-array fabs available. Since a gate array typically has fewer customized layers, the NRE and production quantity commitments are usually lower.   However, these arrays rarely support mixed signal design.  If you need a pure-digital design, KLIC can connect you with other organizations that may be better suited to your needs.

Other fabs are great for long term support. AMI of Pocatello, Idaho has been in the custom IC business since the beginning. They offer good value, and are very good for long term support and efficient customer service. They offer a wide range of products from gate arrays through full custom.

Lower cost material can be had from Asian fabs, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. TSMC has a very good production facility with excellent yields and low prices.

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last revision Jan 11, 2013