KLIC - Arrays, Standard Cell, and Full Custom

KLIC is a small shop that specializes in smaller designs requiring whole-system knowledge, such as sensors, display drivers, etc.

While there are designers who specialize in gate arrays, microprocessors, memory, RF, DSP, delta-sigma converters, phase-lock loops, and so forth, some applications break new ground, requiring new approaches to circuit design.

KLIC specializes in finding cost-effective solutions to next year's problems, circuits that don't have integrated solutions - yet! Where specialized knowledge is needed for world-class performance of a chip subsystem, KLIC works with dozens of other designers skilled in the well-defined specialties.

The approach taken for your IC should be decided by your needs, not by the limited capabilities of a design shop. If your design requires a design style KLIC does not support, we can help you find a design shop that fits your needs.

KLIC - your ideas in silicon!

Email: keithl(aT)kl-ic(doT)com


last revision Jan 11, 2013